So many people do not understand the word.

It is a sad, sad world and we are controlled.

\We are told what to wear, what to eat, and how to act.

This is not freedom.

Religion has no freedom and women pay the price.

Religion is a man’s world and women have no rights.

We need to live  our dreams and be the best that we can be.

That to me is freedom.

We kill people in the name of God, and God has more blood on His Hands.

We want to go into space, but we first need to live here on earth in peace.

Wake up and be free because to me that is living.

Without freedom we truly are controlled and that to me is really sad.

Live in peace and enjoy the freedom to live your dreams and be happy.

That is the best way to be and is free.

The end.




Let the glass fly and the mirrors break.

Throwing and hitting a pillow is never enough.

Words may fly, but they do not lie.

Words hurt and they can sting, but the truth comes out in the end.

Time might go and words may fade, but the memory remains and you can’t forget.

Do not be afraid to never forgive because it only makes you stronger.

We learn to love, we learn to hate but it is for good reason.

Lessons learned we do not forget.

But in the end. No one wins.

Truth may hurt but in the end it comes out.

The end.



Feeling the rush oh me oh my.

My body is numb and I have no where to run.

Feeling like falling makes me sick to my stomach.

So I will stay on the ground where it is even unless I trip I on myself. Oh I can imagine

The end Have a good afternoon.

I Rather Be A Cat

I rather be a cat, and do as I please.

Or be safe in a house and be loved.

It sucks being human, or at least stay a kid.

As an adult you have responsibilities, and that sucks.

So stay a kid and laugh and play and just have a blast.

The end

Have a good night.

No One Is Listening

Listen  to what I say, but no one is listening.

I am sad, but no one says anything.

I am happy,  but no one cares.

I am afraid, but no one understands.

What I feel I keep to myself, but no one hears me.

Listen to my words, but what people understand is my actions.

Words might come and go, but actions stick.

The end