Happy Black Cat Day

Black cats deserve happiness and a lot of love. The myth about them is unfair and unjust. They are associated with witches and they still are to this day. Black cats are not evil. Only human beings can be evil. Please love them, and adopt one or two. They need your loving.  Animals are not human beings and human beings are just people. If we could transform this world would be different world. Love black cats and kittens and open your heart to them. Love is what they need.!!!!

Black Cats Rock Every Day

This is my baby Luna. She is not a baby any more, but she is still my baby. I have 3 black and white cats. More black then white and two gray cats.  They are good girls. The 3 black cats look so much alike that it is hard to tell them who is who. Oh, well. That is life.

I have been promoting since 2010. I have done it on tumblr and on pinterest.   The superstition about them has given them a bad rap and that they are associated with Witches which most people do not understand. If a black cat can become human this world would be a different place. It truly would. To me a cat is a cat. Hollywood blew Witchcraft out of proportion.  People can believe this or not.

Have the people say black cats are lucky and that is awesome. There are breeds of black cats at cat shows which is good to see. Then you have the people who not nothing to do with black cats and kittens because they are associated with Witches. People believe when you drown a black cat you are killing the Witch inside which is crap. This myth should be put down to rest, so we can give black cats and kittens a better life.  Open your heart and save a life because they have a heart of gold. They know who loves them and they know who does not. We should not fear black cats we should love them. I hope can make a difference.  Thanks for reading.unnamed (37)