My Makeup Came Today

Parfait Amour Eye Shadow and How Royal Eye Shadow and Reflects Very Pink Pro Glitter and Reflects Turquatic Pro Glitter and a sample of Mac False Lashes Extreme Black. I am really happy about what I ordered. Waiting for my gold to arrive. They were out of stock. WAITING PATIENTLY. HA!! Ha!! I also got a beautiful mirror too.  It is adjustable too. 

How I See Fashion

Whatever your style is, it is your choice and no one can change it, but you. I love wearing black which always bugged my parents and my grandma and today my mother-in-law, but it is what I am comfortable in. How we feel inside is important because making yourself happy is important. It does not matter what others think, what matters is what you think and feel.

If black and being Gothic makes you feel good wear it and dress it.  If just wearing black makes you feel good wear it. You do not have to be Goth to wear black. If you like wearing neon colors go for it, or whatever colors you like best. Makeup is the same. Wear what feels right for you.

We all have our statement to make. When adults dress most think you have to dress your age.  I think you dress and put on makeup or color your hair, at any age. You can have pink hair when your 60 or pink hair when you are 20 years of age it does not matter. If it feels right just do it.

So have testing the waters because you just might like it. Life is short so smile on and find your style no matter what it is. Thanks for reading.


My Style

I like bright colors.  Once in awhile dark colors are okay. It depends on ones mood and also what they are doing at that time. Whatever the mood takes you, have fun making yourself beautiful. Keep smiling.