My First Book Review

Reincarnation is something you believe or you do not believe in. I believe in Reincarnation because it explains a lot about who and what we are today.  Reincarnation is like being recycled, but in the form of animal, human being and even trees and flowers. People have gone through many experiences, but when you going into another reincarnate you do not remember it, but your Soul does. Science has tried to explain this phenomenon but we still do not understand it. The subconscious mind is still unexplained also. There is proof we have lived other lives, but some people think it our imagination talking. Children pick up on past lives, but most parents think the child is just trying to get attention and it is not so. Why are children afraid of the dark, certain sounds. Why do people have anxiety, depression, and even pain at certain times in their life. When we reach deep into our subconscious mind and are open to past lives the answers then become clear to us. The book I read has many stories, and what people experience are real. The have nightmares and dreams that they just can’t explain. Reincarnation is the key. It is a door way that should be looked at before you judge a human being actions. The book is a good read. Check it out if you are unsure about this subject. There are many books on the subject and every writer has a different point of view. Explore the unknown because there are answers that can be explained about you today. Happy reading.

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