Happy Black Cat Day

Black cats deserve happiness and a lot of love. The myth about them is unfair and unjust. They are associated with witches and they still are to this day. Black cats are not evil. Only human beings can be evil. Please love them, and adopt one or two. They need your loving.  Animals are not human beings and human beings are just people. If we could transform this world would be different world. Love black cats and kittens and open your heart to them. Love is what they need.!!!!

I Rather Be A Cat

I rather be a cat, and do as I please.

Or be safe in a house and be loved.

It sucks being human, or at least stay a kid.

As an adult you have responsibilities, and that sucks.

So stay a kid and laugh and play and just have a blast.

The end

Have a good night.

Why I Love Photography

Photography has come a long way. We do not have to worry about chemicals and waiting for a picture to be developed, it is just instant. We all have our interests of what we like to take pictures of. My focus is nature, animals especially pets.  Especially cats. I hope you enjoy my pics. Pictures say a lot about people. One might tell of a person in words, but pictures say so much more. Enjoy your afternoon.