About Me

I write about things that intrigue me. I believe we live among the spiritual world. We are part of them and they are apart of us. Reincarnation is spiritual path and I believe it is a door way into something that is unexplained. Mystery has always intrigued. I rather question everything, then base my ideals on faith alone.  The universe is unexplored and that opens many doors.  Aliens are around us if we believe or do not believe. I enjoy writing. Without magic in our lives then life would be so boring.  Magic means different things to different people. I will share things about Black cats. They are the last to get adopted because of their myths and that they are associated with Witchcraft. I hope one day more and more people will adopt, foster and also will want to get a black cat or kitten. They need love too.  I love taking pictures . So I hope you will enjoy my blog.

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