Listen To The Wind

When you see the wind blow, the trees talk to each other.

Standing still you feel the warmth of the wind trying to reach out to you.

There are days when the wind is cool, and spirit is trying to reach out to you.

Who you do not know, but you always wonder why me.

The wind is the energy of the sky and the moon.

When you open your heart to nature the sounds will come alive.

When you close your eyes. The winds sound you can hear.

Enjoy the moment until wind blows away and the silence is comes back.

The magic of the wind just like a tickle in your funny bone.

Beware of the wind it just might blow you right down.

It is like poetry in motion.

The end.

My Black Cats My Pics

I used to say black cats all look different, but having more then one it is hard to tell them a part. All my girls are beautiful.  I promoted black cats since 2010. They deserve a better life. Too many die every day. Love is the best medicine for black cats.

My cats when they were younger.

unnamed (36)